La Storia

Our Story

Five generations of winemakers

The Tufa cave

Allows a slow and elegant aging

The Vineyards

Are between 17 and 22 years old, facing east/west



History of our winery

With 5 generations of winemakers behind, our journey actually started in 1994 when Claudio Loreti approached for the first time the traditional method to produce sparkling wines taking advantage of the precious gift of the tufa cave and implanting new vines of White Pinot, a true gamble at our latitudes.

The Tufa Cave

Our cave, hand-carved by our ancestors in the tufa, was the key. Thanks to its natural temperature of 12/14°, it allows the slow and elegant élevage of our sparkling wine Tufaio Pas dosé, firstly on piles then sur pupitres where it undergoes a manual rémuage.

Vineyards and soil

Our vineyards are between 17 and 22 years old, facing east/west and are located at 300 m above sea level. Their roots are plunged into the tufa soil which confers to all our wines a peculiar mineral note. The attention that Claudio Loreti puts in pruning and thinning the vines in July allows us to get good bodied and elegant wines.